blend it with a milkshake. ;)

Emeliah Jane Summers
here are some things you should know about me before you read my stuff haha,

I can be the biggest control freak. If there is a group project that I'm really interested in, I won't hesitate to take charge of it all... I will admit that it does piss off a lot of people, but I can't help it :P
I'm obsessive. Especially when it comes to music or art.
I like to draw, and I don't care what you think the meaning behind them are because you're most likely going to be wrong.
I like to write, even though I'm not really that good at it.
I can be really unoriginal, even though I don't mean to be.
I love Asians. I think they're really awesome and I totally only like kpop for the music *perverted face*
I'm extremely weird... you either get used to it or gtfo. :D
I get angry when writing or drawing because I am constantly thinking "FUCK ! IT'S NOT WORKING !!!!!"
My favourite bands are;
well, there is too many to name ^.^
I don't really like choosing just one favourite 'cause it never works...
I'm really indecisive.
I really couldn't give a shit if you hate my writing, but if you like it, AWESOME :D
Having said that, though, it would be amazing if I eventually became one of those writers that everyone knows about (not that my writing is worthy of that status but a girl can dream.)
Seeing Lee Joon without a shirt on always excites me, even though we get to see it a lot xD
I don't really see the point in writing things like this because nobody, not even me, can put me as a person in words ^.^