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blend · it · with · a · milkshake. · ;)

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so, I've decided to come back to LJ... not sure why, but I have.
I have lots to complain about, lots of stories for you all, and plenty to say, so woooooooh, happy but not so happy days !

don't get to excited though, I don't actually have the internet back, unless I use the schools, so I won't be updating often. I suppose that's a good thing though, eh ?

in other news:
Japan still looks like a banana, and Edgar Allan Poe is officially Superman.
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there is none. D:
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sometimes I don't allow myself to cry... and then everything builds up, and eventually I literally feel like I'm going to murder someone... or at least cause some form of pain to another person,

there aren't very many things that can fix this,

which is why this: http://www.rainymood.com/  is fucking amazing.

it's a 30 minute loop of rain... guh, it's great.

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rain loop and Butterfly Effect by Epik High
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and it kind of inspired Misti and I to write more PYGT because... SHINee ? fire ? chained to walls and shit in cages ? fuck yes.

Taemin is sex on legs... seriously... I'd kiss his face and have his babies. xD


I just... my god.
I'm glad Boyfriend isn't here because he'd probably be all "fuck you, ima go ditch you for a sexy Asian too." and I'll be all "noooooooooooooooooooo D: "
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giggly giggly
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Valentines day is tomorrow... and I hate Boyfriend's dad.
Boyfriend's dad drags him to work and doesn't pay him. :/
I wouldn't care so much if he got paid but he doesn't and it's annoying. >______<
anyways, he point of this is, valentines day is tomorrow, and I probably won't be able to see Boyfriend because his dad is most likely dragging him to work, and probably won't let him out after work.


and I have work in a few hours... I have no clue how much I'm getting paid... I suppose it doesn't matter all that much.. meh.

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annoyed annoyed
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woooooh lots of biases and stuff because I'm bored.

Girls groups:

Miss A's Jia

2ne1's Dara,

Girls Generation's Hyoyeon,

Brown Eyed Girl's Ga-In,

Boys groups:

Super Junior's Heechul and,

Henry.... I actually have a lot of biases in Suju, but these guys are the only people that I could find pictures of that I liked... xD
Heechul's face in his photo amuses me. :)

Lee Fucking Taemin from SHINee<3<3

Kiseop from U-Kiss<3<3

I ccan't be bothered hunting for pictures of the rest of my biases... apparently they all look better moving. >______<

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bored bored
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Mum's back from New Zealand,
I inherited two cameras from grandad and they're amazing,
one of them had a half used film in it, so I used the rest so I can develope them tomorrow,
Mav is here too.
we're watching The Fourth Kind, and possibly Solomon Kane,

I'll be updating after watching them. xDD


The Fourth Kind was scary and stuff.
Mav is being a dickhead.
I'm going to bed.

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bouncy bouncy
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bored bored
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Breathe - Miss A
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creative creative
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and Miyavi as a whole is even greater.

miyavi Pictures, Images and Photos

and I'm not so angry now, because Boyfriend is amazing and makes me feel special. :)

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amused amused
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so I'm thinking for once.

that I should try to write more, like actually try.
and then maybe I'll find my own writing style, rather than having one almost completely the same as Misti's.

so for now on, (other than PYGT and the side story) I'm going to write drabbles, probably in lapslock, except for the names of people.
but yes, just drabbles.

and guess what I can do now ?

all my writing is now legally copy-writed. that means I can sew the asses of anyone who steals my stuff. O____o

I know, I'm just getting used to the idea myself.

I also might be moving to a different journal... start new.. y'know ?
but don't worry, I will still be posting PYGT under this journal,
but shinee_replay doesn't like this journal, so once PYGT (the main story) is finished, I'll be posting the side story on the other one,

okay, you know what ?
I'm shutting up now. no one cares about this. >____<
pointless post is pointles.
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pissed off pissed off
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Loud Mucker Complex - LM.C
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