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so I'm thinking for once. that I should try to write more,…

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so I'm thinking for once.

that I should try to write more, like actually try.
and then maybe I'll find my own writing style, rather than having one almost completely the same as Misti's.

so for now on, (other than PYGT and the side story) I'm going to write drabbles, probably in lapslock, except for the names of people.
but yes, just drabbles.

and guess what I can do now ?

all my writing is now legally copy-writed. that means I can sew the asses of anyone who steals my stuff. O____o

I know, I'm just getting used to the idea myself.

I also might be moving to a different journal... start new.. y'know ?
but don't worry, I will still be posting PYGT under this journal,
but shinee_replay doesn't like this journal, so once PYGT (the main story) is finished, I'll be posting the side story on the other one,

okay, you know what ?
I'm shutting up now. no one cares about this. >____<
pointless post is pointles.
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